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    Name those triplets!

    You are naming triplets. The first player posts three rules that the person must follow, one for each triplet. You can specify the genders or leave it up to the next poster.

    Player 1:
    Triplet 1 has a nature name
    Triplet 2 has a food name
    Triplet 3 has an old fashioned name.

    And the next player might say: River, Cinnamon and Agatha

    Then they post their rules. This is NOT an initial game. So please don't make initals the theme for all the triplets.
    Okay... go!

    Triplet 1 has a celestial name.
    Triplet 2 has a trendy, creative name.
    Triplet 3 has an animal name.
    Theodora D. Phoenix

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    Luna, Indigo and Raven!

    Triplet 1 has a name meaning 'light'
    Triplet 2 has a 3+ syllable name
    Triplet 3 has a word name!
    queer gal, author & name lover <3 no kids yet though i want one more every day, check back in a couple of years!

    current faves:
    Lux, Indigo, Alyssa, Cleo, Juniper "Juno", Luna, Lydia, Wren, Mika
    Kai, Isaac, Teddy, Theo, Louis, Tate, River, Willow

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    Ailey, McKinley, and River

    #1-has a name with 9 letters
    #2-is a boy with a color name
    #3-is a girl with a state name

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    Mackenzie, Sterling, & Montana

    #1 is a girl whose name has an unique spelling
    #2 is also a girl with a -er ending
    #3 is a boy whose name starts with a vowel
    Favorite Girls: Adelaide, Annabel, Charlotte, Cora, Eliza, Harper, Kinsley, Lila, Madeline, Piper, Presley, & Vivienne
    Favorite Boys: Archer, Asher, Bennett, Crew, Elliot, Everett, Griffin, Harrison, Jude, Logan, Maxwell, & Owen

    Vote if you would like

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    Willoe, Harper, & Emmett

    #1 is a boy whose name is from the show Supernatural (link to characters:
    #2 is also a boy whose name is in the top 20 names of 2013 (
    #3 is a girl whose name is less than 7 letters long
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14)

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