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    The Mentalist (season 7 episodes 12-13)

    How would you name Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon's baby?

    I think it could be:

    1) Oliver ❤️❤️
    2) Henry ❤️
    3) Sebastian ❤️
    Maybe August too.

    1) Sophie
    2) Madeleine ❤️
    2) Violet ❤️
    3) Emily
    4) Elise
    5) Autumn

    And I think it will be a baby boy

    What's your guess?
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    "There is absolutely nothing wrong with a soft masculine name on a boy or a boyish feminine name on a girl. However, if parents decide to choose a name from a certain culture, they must respect that culture and the gender for which the name was historically given".

    "Fight for equality, not for us representing humans as unisex. Male and Female are EQUAL, but not the same. There are he and she".

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