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    Yes... I am not religious in the slightest but my daughter is Eden/Edie (and I DO NOT put this as a Brayden/Ayden etc. name) which I associate as a hippy/naturey name and my son is Isaac. In addition I love the names Bishop and Shephard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alzora View Post
    I would give my child a religious name, but not with the intent of forcing my child into a certain belief system. My children, like all humans, will have the freedom to decide what they will believe, but my husband and I are Christians and our faith is very important to us, therefore some faith-related words hold special meaning to us and will likely be name options that we will consider. Names reflect the values of the parents, not the child. A child named Ruby may hate the color red, but it may be her mother's favorite color. My faith is invaluable to me. Hopefully my children will embrace it, but if not, they may still have names that reflect my faith because they are special to me and my husband.
    Fantastic post, alzora. You took the words right out of my mouth.
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    Absolutely, I would give my child a Biblical name as I'm a Christian--the meaning, the story, and the connection are all a tie that I appreciate.
    I wouldn't give my child a name from an unrelated religion though, not unless I felt a deep connection to it and really understood what I was using. And even then....I don't know.

    Most common Biblical names have lost their sole connection to the Bible because of centuries of use, which is to be expected. I might be surprised at some more uncommon Biblical names being used by non-Christians/Jews. Noah has become super popular but Moses?
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    Yes. We're Eastern Orthodox Christians and have an incredibly rich tapestry of history and language to draw from... Byzantium, Suriya Al-Kabir, the Slavs, the whitewashed monasteries in the Greek islands, the mosaics, the icons, incense, brocaded vestments, romanesque churches, two thousand years of namesakes... It is very important to me to conjure all of this up in my children's names.
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    I wouldn't deliberately use a religious name, but I'd consider names from the bible. For example, Peter is currently a favourite, not because of its religious connotations, but just because I like the name! However, I wouldn't choose a name that's super religious and very connected to the bible.
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