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Thread: Yellowlees (!)

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    I saw that episode of Jeopardy too and was very curious! What a name to go through life with!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marsy33 View Post
    good lord... terrible!

    It sounds like yellow leaves.
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    Wow, that is a new one! I suppose if you loved yellow, you could use that name. I personally find it a little hard to doesn't roll off the tongue too well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nono View Post
    I saw that! I thought about making a post here about it, but then it slipped my mind. I'm glad someone did! She said that the name had been in her family for thousands of years (I assume mostly as a surname). I wouldn't use it, but I liked it on her. You might not expect it to work, but when Alex Trebek was addressing her and calling her name it really didn't seem that strange or out of place. I thought she wore it well.
    She said the name had been in her family for thousands of years? I want to meet her genealogist.
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    Yellowlees is very hard to say

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