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Thread: Castiel??

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    Red face Castiel??

    Now i like this name.. quite alot,

    It means Angel of thursday! / "My cover is God" in Theophory in the Bible (and misha collins plays a character in supernatural called this also)

    Jus wanted to know what you think of it..

    T.i.a xx
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    It's so tied to Supernatural. Trying to think of it as a baby name, I can only imagine it being used by a Supernatural super-fan. It does have an appealing sound, but I would recommend against using it as a first name because it's so tied to one specific pop culture figure. For someone absolutely set on using it, I would suggest using it as a middle name or using an alternative like Casper, Cashel, Castor, Cassian, something along those lines. There are a lot of lovely, underused Cas- names out there.

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    I love it, and I'm an avid Supernatural watcher.

    I say use it, I also like Caspian.
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    I like it spelt Cassiel better. Castiel isn't particularly more legit as a transliteration and it also reminds me Castile, Spain in general and Castile soap in particular.

    In terms of obscure angel names, I like quite a lot of them for boys, including Cassiel, Zadkiel, Hadriel, and Katriel among others. My first pick wouldn't be what other people would think of as "the one from Supernatural."

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    Is it pronounced cass-TEEL? If so, all I'd be able to think of is castile soap.
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