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    Quote Originally Posted by jenna5128 View Post
    It's not just a nn for "Grandma" Nona actually MEANS grandma. It's like naming your daughter Baba or Auntie. I understand that you don't know anyone who calls their grandmother this, but I think it's pretty common knowledge that's what the word means. Poor kid to be "Nona" as a little girl already!
    Yes, just as Lola MEANS grandmother in the Philippines. Still... people use it.
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    I imagine Nona as an imaginative child with huge eyes and wispy pigtails. I like it, it's similar to Oona which is beautiful and I know one just like the Nona I imagined.

    Athena is wow though, I think it deserves a spot on my own list!

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    I have a daughter named Fiona that we call Nona or Nona-bear as a pet name. I think it sounds sweet, but prefer it as a nickname.

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    I don't think it is that bad. If Nellie, Hattie and Etta can be first names, why not Nona? It was used as a name for previous generations. Personally, I am not a fan, but I don't find it particularly terrible.
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    I think of my nona! Grandmother- its the definition in italian

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