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    Maya Rudolph & Paul Thomas Anderson

    Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson recently announced that she's pregnant with their fourth child! Their older three have great names - Pearl, Lucille, and Jack. The younger two children's middle names aren't known as far as I know, but Pearl's is Minnie, after Maya's mom.

    Any predictions for a younger sibling to Pearl, Lucille, and Jack?

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    I'm so happy for them, those two are precious together.
    I guess the new baby's name will be something old-school, beautiful and classy like the names of their older kids.
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    I think it will be a nice vintage name that not to unheard of.

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    I think Frederick would be fantastic on a boy for them! Also, Miles and Rupert would be super cute with their childrens' names. For girls, something stylish yet classy: Maybe Olive, Florence, Jean or Mabel.
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    I thought her daughter was Pearl Bailey?
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