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    i really like Ignatius and you could use Nate as a more common nickname too.

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    It is great. Do it!

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    I like your husband's taste. All of the names on your lists strike me as Catholic saints' names, and they're all lovely.

    I think Ignatius is wearable with children named Jacob and Emily. With children names Brynlee and Kayden, he might have it tougher. And if there is a little Ambrose in your circle, he'll fit right in.

    A nn is essential, and I'm with other posters in disliking Iggy. What about Nate, or Nash?
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    I love unusual names....great choice! My 3 month old son's name is Madigan Roux. Most people have never heard of either name and react by saying "whaaaaat"? The majority of people end up liking it but I honestly wouldnt care if they didn't. As long as I like it and he likes it thats all that matters. iI did my best to minimize any teasing potential but kids are relentless...they will always find something to tease about anyways. If he doesnt like it someday he can always change it. I didn't want my son to have the same name as anyone...I want to give give the opportunity to be original. I dont want him to have the same name as 3 other kids in his kindergarten class. Variety is what makes life interesting!

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    You love it? Then go for it! I personally think the name is handsome.

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