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    Not even remotely feminine.

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    This name is not my style. But if a name like Avery or Austin can be a girl's name, why not Sullivan? When it comes to androgynous names I don't think there's many rules. I don't think it's very flattering on a girl, but again it's not my style and I don't really like super androgynous names in the first place. But if that's your style, why not?

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    No no no.

    This whole "what do you think of (insert masculine sounding male name here) for a girl" thing is getting old. Do people do it just for funsies?
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    The whole last-names-as-first-names-on-girls thing just annoys me. There are so many girls' names out there; why name them surnames/boys' names? I think it would be ok as a middle if you were honoring a Sullivan, but aside from that, no.
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    I love Sullivan for a girl. The only Sullivan I've ever met was a girl, and it works great for her.
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