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  • Isobel Levine

    15 25.00%
  • Bella Levine

    2 3.33%
  • Claire Levine

    23 38.33%
  • Elle Levine

    6 10.00%
  • Belle Levine

    0 0%
  • Isabelle Levine

    9 15.00%
  • Ella Levine

    5 8.33%
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    Name this Girl: Beautiful Vampire-Loving Supermodel

    I am currently working on this new idea: human girl calls in love with a vampire in a twist of "Beauty and the Beast." Isobel is a top contender, but I feel like it has a heavy "Twilight" association, same with Bella. There are other names that I like that I think fit this character and I am open to other suggestions, as well.

    Character Description: 21 years old, dark hair and brown eyes, tall and slender. Raised in Indiana by a single father and moved to NYC to pursue her modeling career. Smart and sassy, strong-willed and independent, yet insightful and compassionate. Last name is Levine.

    Thanks guys!

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    I'd go with something that has Belle in it b/c of the 'beautiful/ beauty' meaning. You could also go with something like Callista/Callisto/Calixto or even Callie or Calla.

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    I voted for Bella Levine because I think it's a cute play on Bella Lugosi.

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    Isabelle Levine!
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    I vote Claire Levine. That's perfect. I'm in love with Isabelle but for another vampire story, I won't choose something so, so similar.
    Plus, the rest of your list sounds kinda heavy on L (especially Elle and Belle Levine), that makes Claire sounds best, I think.
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