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    in keeping with most of the story ideas floated around here....

    I'm genuinely curious how someone could think this is a new idea. And even propose naming the character Belle with a straight face.
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    I agree, get off the Belle kick. Even if its for the association with Beauty and the Beast there are other names that mean "Beauty". Sena for example, or Bonnie, which is perfect for a unassuming doe-eyed girl from the mid-west, it means "beautiful and cheerful". I'm just guessing that's how your character starts out, small town girl moves to NYC, meets vampire etc.

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    Or Calliope/Calixta if your looking for something that is associated with beauty but a bit more spunky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    I would call her a Mary Sue, honestly.
    That was my thought when I read the title. Sorry, OP.
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    Jessicacat11 I love that you suggested Sena- positive use of it on Nameberry number 1! TY!
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