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    Quote Originally Posted by seraares View Post
    When I was young ( about 5 yrs old ), I actually remember saying to my mom that I wanted to name my children

    "Rainbow Loveheart"




    Thank god this isnt the case anymore!

    Does anyone else have any stories about what they wanted to name their kids when they were young?
    LOL, I am sure your future children will thank you for that. When I was 9, I liked the name Helena, and I still do.
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    Growing up I had an obsession with the 'popular, girly' names of that particular time, such as Emily, Emma, Natalia, Nicole, Madison. I also had a huge thing for the names Nala and Simba, as in The Lion King!

    Now, in my 20's, my naming style is very different and I tend to shy away from the names that are super popular.

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    When I was 14 my fab combo was Isabelle Catherine. Earlier combos were Violet, April Mae , Aleeya Cate
    One little lad: Frederick (Freddy) born 2014

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    When I was younger (8/9 maybe?) I wanted to name my daughters Sumayah, Angel, and Skye. I never thought of combo's or any of that and I really didn't think of boy names!
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