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    when I was ten I wanted Christian, Benjamin, Tiffany, Sandy.
    now I dislike Tiffany and Sandy. I did name my son Christian though.
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    My favorite name for a boy was always James, and I think Abigail was the longest-enduring favorite (until I fell in love with Eleanor, that is!).
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    And the fab sibset of Dakota, Virginia, and Georgia...haha

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    Amy has been my favorite name since third grade. Being a teenager, I have never known anyone my age named Amy. Some others I still like are Skye, Auburn (g), Ross and Evelyn.

    I've had horrible name notions- one time I thought Ambition Defiance was an awesome combo, for a girl. Thank goodness I was eleven at the time and soon got some sense into me (I also thought Amber Twilight was great, but I think you get the drift).
    Also, when I was younger, I didn't have a concept of correct gender. Ryan, Riley and Jesse were some of the more respectable ones on girls.
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    When I was like three or four I wanted to name my daughter Paprika like the character from Blue's Clues. Hmmm....
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    Helena, Anna, Gwen, Faye, Ruth, Mary, Georgina, Cordelia, June, Kristina, Elaine
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