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    Names you love but you just can't use...

    We all have names that we fall for, but, for various reasons, we can't (or don't want to) use them. List all of the names that you "love but just can't use" below, with the reasons why you love it, and the reasons why you won't use it.

    Use this template:

    - I love it because:
    - I won't use it because:
    Here's mine:

    - I love it because: I find this name SO cute (I'd like to thank Charlotte's little piggy friend for the gorgeous connotation)! I love the sound of it, and find the look cute (again, I think i'm just picturing a piglet )
    - I won't use it because: I can't picture it on my own child, I don't really know why, maybe a middle though? I don't LOVE the look of it.

    - I love it because: I think it's a really beautiful name. I love the look and sound of the name.
    - I won't use it because: I feel like it could be too much.

    Come back when you think of more names! xx
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    I love it because: I think Emelia is a beautiful name and has so many beautiful nns. My sister's middle name is Emelia, so it would also honor her and I would love to honor her!
    I won't use it because: One of my best friends used Emilia for her first daughter.

    I love it because: This name just appeals to me. I really like both Summer and Winter. I think it has a really nice sound.
    I won't use it because: I don't think it would go over well. I might use it as a mn.

    I love it because: I really love cutesie names and names that end in -ie. This is very cute to me.
    I won't use it because: I don't think Cambrie will age well.

    Not expecting any time soon, just collecting for the future!

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    I love it because it's a beautiful classic name and has a lovely meaning.
    I won't use it because it's practically the same as my last name. Change the spelling a bit and add one more consonant and you have my last name.

    I love it because it is also a lovely classic name with a beautiful sound and I think Becky is a cute nickname.
    I won't use it because it's the name of my husband's ex-girlfriend

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    Michael - I love it because it is such a classic and it was my Dad's name. I can't use it because it's my brother's name and his son's name too.
    Colton - My very favorite boy's name. My best friend just had a baby boy and used it.

    Tiffany - I've always loved this name even though it seems a bit dated. I can't use it because my sister got her kids a puppy for Christmas last year and they named her Tiffany.
    Michelle - Again, a name I've always loved and it has French appeal. My cousin named her little girl Michelle in honor of my father....

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