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    I am not a fan of Rainbow but I love Aurora!
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    I don't know--Rainbow is pretty tacky, but it does make me smile. It sounds cheerful and happy and--well--colorful. And obviously I'm partial to Aurora.
    I read a naming story once of how a mom whose youngest son was going through treatment for leukemia chose Rainbow for her newborn daughter. She felt the baby girl was their "rainbow after the storm." I guess that's pretty tacky, too, but it influenced my perception of the name.
    If Rainbow is too childish to work well on an adult, she can probably go by Rain and be fine.
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    oh I love Rainbow! Glad to see it used... Ay least if I ever did use it I wouldn't feel too bad. I think I'd use it a s middle name though.

    Rainbow Aurora I dislike the combo it doesn't flow well to me.
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    Bleh. Rainbow is gross. If she wanted something unique, there's plenty of gorgeous names that aren't commonly used.

    Aurora is lovely.
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    I'm so glad my name isn't Rainbow, I think I would hold a pretty big grudge to my mum if that was the case.
    Aurora is a nice name, it has kind of a Princess-y feel to it. She could have called her Aurora Rainbow if she liked that dreadful 'name' (it's not a name, it's a word) that much.
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