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    My husbands top 3 WDYT?

    Heres the thing - I suggest HEAPS of names I love and he suggests ZERO! so he has selected 3 names I have suggested:




    What do you think of his choices? Which one do you prefer and why? Other spellings? Do any of then go together better with the name Sienna (our daughter)
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    I like Madeline best in his list. But I prefer the spelling Madeleine.
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    I like Adelie (this spelling) and Madeline both. Adelie probably edges Madeline out for me. I appreciate that Adelie is less common, and there are so many young Maddies out there that I worry that Madeline would blend in with them even if she didn't go by Maddie. Cassidy is easily my least favorite of the three.
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    Sienna & Cassidy are similar with double letters. Cassidy is similar in style to Sienna, but it's rather male sounding.

    Adalie/Adelie sounds made up.

    Madeline sounds much more feminine/girly then Sienna.

    I prefer:


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    Order of choice
    1. Adalie - gorgeous and less common
    2. Madeline - beautiful classic name, but is fairly popular (which is not the worst thing)
    3. Cassidy - personally nms, and not my favorite choice with Sienna
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