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    That is funny! I've always loved the combos you make, they're so romantic and sweet! Purple starlight draped in orange...
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    Cressida Iris Amoret - I'm a bit mixed on Cressida the character, but the name is fantastic and fresh. It makes me think of watercress. Amoret feels a little marzipanish next to Cressida's crisp edge. Cressida Iris Elaine?

    Fiammetta Ophelia Yvaine - It's no Noor, but Yvaine is still one of my favorites. Day could work here too (probably too simple for your taste, but I think it's a nice alternative to your boyfriend's suggestion of Dawn, and the rhythm is quite nice.)

    Gilda Elettra Rosalind - I know Gilda is from the wrong era for the rest of your names, but I still love it, and Rita Hayworth. Together with Elettra, it makes me think of "shining from shook foil." Rosalind is a great character, but I much prefer your old favorite Rosamund!
    Rosamund Miranda Day, Rosamund Bianca Berenice (wasn't Berenice on your previous list?).. Rosamund Viola Amoret

    Hespera Daphne Arden - YES. Or Daphne Hespera Arden, or Daphne Arden Hespera. Saw a great painting in your National Gallery of Daphne flying on tree-branch wings. Seems like the perfect "normal-ish" name for you.

    Illyria Charis Marian - lovely. Or Illyria Charis Yseult

    Polyhymnia Viola Elaine - Bye for now Polly! Maybe if you adopt a very tuneful cat?
    Zenobia Perdita Isolde - Zenobia.. I remember Blade describing this one as "alphabet soup mismatched socks" heh. I'm guessing you'll give it the axe. Zenobia Hecate Rue, Zenobia Cleopatra Roxane... It begs for zany middles.

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    Hespera Daphne Arden is my favorite.
    If I can mix a bit...Fiametta Ophelia Iris
    Zenobia gets a third place finish.

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    I would go with Cressida.

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    Btw I think you're right to nix Perdita. It means 'lost' and sounds a bit like perditition (as it should, it shares a root).
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