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    Talking Which combo is your favorite? (:

    I have come up with three combos that I love! I was wondering what others would think of them! (: If you have a better suggestion, feel free to comment! Mix around the names if you'd like, like I said I just wondee what others think of them! Do you have a favorite? How would you picture someone with the names?
    Bastien Maxwell
    Brooks Harvey
    Beau Channing

    Thanks Berries!! (:

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    I love both Bastien Maxwell and Beau Channing. I also like Brooks, but it sounds a bit clunky paired with Harvey.
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    For me Bastian works with both Maxwell and Channing...I feel the same way about Beau. I like the simple, delicate nature of Beau while Bastian is bold and a little harsher with it's syllables.

    I have no reason to not like Brooks! Maybe as a middle name I'd like it more? Channing Brooks...Maxwell Brooks...Those flow better to me for some reason.
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    I agree with mclola. I LOVE Bastien Maxwell and Beau Channing. I also love Brooks, buy not with Harvey.
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    I like Beau Maxwell.
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