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    My husband and I promised each other before we started TTC the first time that we were not going to enforce gender stereotypes like that. So far, Bea has proven to be very feminine, though.

    I completely understand what kala_way means about parents who are overzealous about raising "gender-neutral" kids. Ultimately, it's whatever your child wants to do. Don't force your son into playing soccer when he wants to take dance class, but don't do that to your daughter either. If kids happen to not fit in (or fit in) with gender stereotypes, that's fine, but don't force them to be one way or the other.
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    Okay, so I'm totally reviving an old thread, here, but a friend posted this online today. It reminded me of this thread and I had to share
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    Quote Originally Posted by encore View Post
    There's sometimes actually reverse discrimination with girls as well. I am the epitome of a girly-girl, and people don't seem to like that anymore. It gets really annoying when people don't like that stuff.
    Yes yes yes. I'm so glad someone mentioned this. My aunt has never encouraged super tomboy or girly ness for either of her daughters. They have dress up, trucks, dolls, and sports in their house. Still, her oldest is the frilliest little one - loves princesses and dress up clothes and hates getting dirty. She is just like that with no encouragement needed - AND THAT IS OKAY TOO!

    She still likes sports, but she plays basketball in tutus and generally refuses to wear pants, choosing instead skirts or dresses. My aunt lets her dress her self in the morning and encourages her every step of the way even though my aunt, herself, was always a tomboy and doesn't understand it at all. She lets her daughter be whom she wants to be.

    We need to promote this in all children. As a pp said, let the child lead.
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    That is hilarious TK! Thanks for sharing.
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    Tara, that is so cool! Made me laugh
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