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    What do you think of my name lists?

    Which do you like best and which do you like the least? General thoughts and suggestions welcomed =)


    Violet Elle
    Lucie Rue
    Georgia Liv
    Siri Mei
    Maja Faith
    Bliss Elise
    Tia Segina (pronounced sheh-gee-nuh)
    Easton Elise
    Ivory Elle


    Copper Wesley
    Todd Wesley
    Wylie Grey
    Abel Grey
    Tucker Declan
    Avery Layne
    Lynx Wesley

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    A few of your names have a bit too much of a rhyme-y aspect for my taste, though I like almost all of your first name choices. I especially like Violet, Lucy (only spelled this way though), and Georgia. Siri would really not work well with the whole iPhone program. For boys, I really like Abel but the others are not my style, and I'd strongly suggest against Lynx and probably Wylie (although this one may just be really not my style and still wearable, I'm not sure.)
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    I feel badly for saying this, but I don't really like your combinations much. I love the names Violet and Wesley, but paired with different middles.
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    The whole Siri/iphone relation is so unfortunate! Siri was my favorite name for the longest time and then iphone happened. But yes I agree, because of that i would probably no longer use it... =(

    Rhymey...i guess so hey! I do really like the whole "flowey" aspect of them. Personal preference I guess!

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    @ Sarahmezz

    Dont feel bad! No worries =) This is why I asked for "opinions" ....nothing to feel badly about!

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