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    I've only known male Christians, so for me it would be an odd choice. I wouldn't be disgusted or whatever, but I would be surprised.
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    Eh. I prefer it for a boy. I've heard of it on girls, but I think Christianne or Christine are the prettier names for girls.
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    I prefer Christine or Christina much better. I don't know if it's as wearable on both genders.

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    This is one that I actually think is truly unisex. I think I first heard it on a girl as the name of an actress, but it is also masculine enough on a boy. I think it works really well for both!!
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    I am a little biased against Christian because my name is Kristen and it gets mispronounced all the time as Christian, usually by old people. My best friend's mother has called me that since I was 16.

    However I do think it's nice for a girl. I have known one female Christian.
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