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    What name do you feel you really ought to love but don't?

    Beautiful meaning, Shakespearean, familiar yet relatively unusual, Greek mythology, nature, no negative associations, biblical, boyfriend LOVES it, Nameberry rates it, sounds great with surname.

    This is my boyfriend's favourite name if we have a girl and it ticks all the boxes, but I just have a strong aversion to using it for no apparent reason! I need to find something he likes as much as Phoebe - struggling with girl names though

    Does anyone else have a name which they feel they should love but don't?

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    I feel like I should love Beatrice. It fits right in with my vintage yet slightly quirky style, but there's something about it that I just really don't like.
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    Names that fit into my classic naming style are Charlotte, Caroline, and also Beatrice. But while I certainly appreciate these names and get the appeal, I'm just not into them at all. I do love Carlotta and Beatrix, though.

    Also, Maeve - a classic eccentric type of name. But I hate it!!
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    Leland - Has so many things going for it, but I can't get passed the Bounty Hunter association. Yuk...

    Michael - One of the most popular names ever and well loved by generations after generations of people. Everybody loves it. Has a pleasant sound and a good meaning. Can't even bring myself to like the international variations, because I hate Michael so much.

    Jackson, Jaxon etc - Reminds me of Michael Jackson... enough said...
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    I also dislike Phoebe. I just can't stand the way it sounds! It reminds me of the word "feeble," which is definitely a negative association.

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