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    Do You Share Your Favorite Names?

    So I was reading another thread and someone mentioned that they didn't share their favorite names with people, yet in their signature they had their crushes/loves listed. Now these might not include their "IT" names but it got me thinking.
    I think we all agree that sharing name options with family and friends can be difficult and sharing here on NB in theory is easier.

    So.... where do you draw the line and why? and if you don't share your favorite with RL friends and family but you do here would you delete your signature if you knew they might be on NB as well?
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    My favourite names aren't particularly loved by my fellow berries, and if they were, I doubt we'd be using the same combination, so I don't mind sharing my favourite names here.
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    Since I'm young, I don't mind telling people my favorites.

    I don't think it's a problem to be either pregnant or TTC and listing your favs on here, due to the anomynity (spelling) of the site. However, if you tell people you are on Nameberry, and you list your last name on a thread, and your family sees it, they might ask. However, the likelihood of this is very small.

    Since I'm not close to having children, I'm fine with suggesting my favs to people. It would be awesome if someone named their kid something I suggested. That hasn't happened yet, as far as I know (Sure, people name their kids Cordelia, but many people like the name other than me), but I'm still waiting. I think that's why some share their favs (other than to get opinions on them).

    If you are expecting or TTC, I don't think it's a big deal. Even if two berries had a daughter named Mabel Saskia, chances are they would live in different states or even countries. It's not like you told your cousin that you loved Carys Demetria and she gave birth to Demetria Carys the week before your due date. You have a 99.9% chance of never meeting a berry who named their kid after your favorite or vice versa, unlike your cousin, who will accuse you of name napping if you go through with your original plans.

    As a side note, it's good to be sharing names IMO so we can move closer to my dream world where instead of names like Jayden, Nevaeh, Emmaliegh and Kdyn acceptable names were Mabel, Saskia, Cordelia and -son names on boys.
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    Maybe I should answer my own question.
    I clearly do have my top list, shown below. And I have been giving close friends who are pregnant my favorite naming sites (including NB). I've been thinking about how I'd feel if they used one of my names without asking me and I decided that since I'm not TTC or pregnant I probably be a little bummed but also excited they choose a name I love.
    However, since these friends are both very close and personal friends, if I were pregnant and they knew that I'd be furious if I knew they were on NB, saw my signature, and then just played dumb.
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    I think it's a good decision for some people to keep their favorites a secret.
    Some people have a hard time dealing with others displeasure and opinions--people pleasers or indecisive or easily swayed, whatever it may be.
    If you know that about yourself and yet feel strongly about choosing a name yourself, then I think it's definitely a good idea.

    If I was pregnant I'd probably share my favorites with some people--mother, close friends, etc.--but I'd choose to keep mum from people like my SIL, MIL, sister, and random acquaintances. I'd only share with people if I really cared about their opinion. So I suppose if I know all of those people were on NB, then I wouldn't put all my faves in my sig--not that I've changed my sig in months, lol, but anyway.

    I think nameberry is nice because you can throw things out and hear people's real gut reactions, things they might not say IRL.
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