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Thread: Too many L's???

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    Too many L's???

    Our last name sounds a lot like Purkle (rhymes with Purple) but is spelled very different.

    Is Laurel Purkle too "L" heavy? Especially with sister Lucia?

    We didn't plan to continue L's as a theme but I am liking this name a bit. We will not have a third child so no need to consider starting a pattern.

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    It's not that Laurel can't go with a surname that has an L in it, but Laurel and Purkle rhyme, so that is a no-go for me. It sounds sort of comical, unfortunately.
    I do really like Laurel, so it'd be a toss-up but personally I would look for something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucialucentum View Post
    It's not that Laurel can't go with a surname that has an L in it, but Laurel and Purkle rhyme, so that is a no-go for me.
    Me too.
    Lauren Purkle could be a great alternative.

    I probably wouldn't choose an L name with Lucia but I wouldn't want to have to worry if the L is a growing theme for all future children as well.
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    I agree with the others--something like Laurel Lawson or Laurel Merlin could have worked (although still very "L" heavy!), but Laurel "Purkle" rhymes, which makes it much less usable, imo. Which is sad, because Lucia and Laurel are just darling together! But yes, it's definitely a no-go for me, too, sorry.
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