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    Would Love Some Honest Opinions!

    My husband and I have a list of names picked out for when we decide to have kids, and we were wondering if we could get some opinions/suggestions, nn ideas, or other combo options! Thanks! Here's what we have!

    Cora Annaliese
    Ivy Louisa (Ivy Lou)
    Lily Sophia- not sold on this one! Seems more popular than the others. But my husband loves it!

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    I love Ivy Louisa! Such a great combination.

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    Ivy Louisa is very pretty and my favorite from your list.
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    Ivy Louisa is gorgeous and Lily Sophia is lovely even though it is very popular. Cora Annaliese is my least favorite, but only because the flow is off and I dislike your spelling of Anneliese. You might be better off with Cora Sophie and Lily Annabel or something?
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    Cora Anneliese is my favorite - very pretty!
    I love the nn Ivy Lou for Ivy Louisa!
    Lily Sophia is very pretty, but how about Lillian Sophia instead? Lillian is not as popular as Lily.
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