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    Merrick Liam - not a big fan of Merrick. Merry is a very feminine nn.
    Callen Thomas - not bad, but I feel like Calvin is a more legit way to get Cal
    Konrad Isaac - I prefer Conrad with a C. K looks either made up or German

    Oliver - love this one!
    Fischer - People will definitely spell it Fisher. I'd drop the c.
    Forrest - not bad, apart from Forrest Gump
    Taj - Mahal?
    Kier - missing the "an." Kieran is fine, Kier sounds cut off.
    Declan - not a fan, but it's still a lovely Irish choice
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    Merrick Liam - I know a young Merrick and think it is a great name. The M's book ending the two names is good too.
    Callen Thomas - Is this Callen like Allen or Kaylen? Prefer Callum or Kellan
    Konrad Isaac - Prefer Conrad; not a great favorite of mine, but Rad would be a cool nickname.

    Oliver - Prefer for a middle name; a good name not just a favorite of mine.
    Fischer - Unless it is a family name, Fisher looks better to me. I feel simpler is best, and as the common spelling, you won't have to correct people all the time. I do like Fisher very much.
    Forrest - I like Forrest, but Forrest Gump still lingers for me.
    Taj - Don't like much, seems like a "filler" name.
    Kier - I had to look and make sure the i came before the e, I think this name will be misspelled a lot. Keir is a name also, so I forsee much confusion.
    Declan - This has a lot of fans, I don't know how many actually use the name. It is a fine name in general, but I prefer Dermot or Dexter.

    You have some unique but not outlandish choices, keep up the good work!
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    My favorites are:
    Callen Thomas
    Kier (but as a nickname for Kieran)

    Do you like any of these (either as fns or mns)?
    Julian nn Jude
    Colten nn Cole

    Some possible combos would be:
    Oliver Abbott
    Eli Graham
    Declan Thomas
    Kieran Alexander

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    Thanks guys! I LOVED the nn suggestions... Cal andMery, Ricky and Rad! Cute! I definitley am loving Callen Thomas and Merrick Liam more so than Konrad Isaac though. (we say callen like cal-in. I actually originally suggestion Callum and Calvin, but my husband only likes Callen from the 'cal' names, so i went with it!

    I LOVE Rowan, especially the meaning. But my husband only gave it a 'maybe', and only for our girls list. Also love Finn, and am slowly working him into liking it. Rowan Finn would be adorable! Finn could def be a MN possibility. Not loving how popular it is getting though!

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