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    Wink Funny article about baby naming

    I thought this was funny:

    Baby naming articles are often interesting to me, especially from a non name-nerd perspective

    What do you think, Berries?

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    The old man ist right, Fred is a strong name!

    I also loved this comment by a Mariana:

    It's weird to think my parents might've gone through all of this and I still ended up with a name that means 'sea of bitterness'. Oh, and one of my sisters is named Giulia, which is really just Italian Julia, so my mum has a sea of bitterness, a bearded youth and a bean grower. Perhaps someone should've told them to look the names up before choosing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dottipanda View Post
    The old man ist right, Fred is a strong name!

    I also loved this comment by a Mariana:
    I agree it's good idea to google a name, but people may not care. Especially if they found two sites telling different stories. Besides, Mary (thus Mariana) probably doesn't mean sea of bitterness. It probably means love or beloved, which is nice meaning.
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    I found this pretty humorous except for the part about grandma knitting a blanket. My grandma died while I was pregnant. And my son has a crocheted blanket that a family friend finished, because my husband's grandma died when my son was still a tiny baby. Otherwise, the other stuff was hilarious. That part was just a downer for me.
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    Love this! Thanks for sharing!
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