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Thread: Celinda

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    What do you think, Berries? What is your first impression of Celinda? Could you see this being used? Do you like the sound/meaning? Do you know anyone with this name? Honest opinions and thoughts, please.

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    I've never heard it before. Sounds slightly made up but it works!
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    Behind the Name says it's a blend of Celia and Linda. I don't know if that's true or not, and I don't like Celia or Linda. I guess it could be a variant of Celandine... In any case the sound of it is quite nice. Sibilant and feminine.
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    Wow, this name brings up childhood memories for me. My sister and I would play make-believe games where we had imaginary friends and family and in one of them, my name was Celinda. The game was set in the modern era and Celinda was really cool, social, friendly, smart and fashionable (what every girl wants to be, I guess... haha). I've never seen it on a real person but if I did I would be impressed.
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    When I google Celinda a lot of pictures of white flowers come up but all of the links are in Spanish. Is it a common name for a type of flower? Thanks for the feedback so far. I appreciate the thoughts, impressions, and opinions on Celinda.

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