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    I love Lucia and Aurora and Lucia and Carolina. Congrats on the little girl.
    Raquel-21 year old who loves names, books, and languages

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    Yay! Congratulations, Erin! I'm loving Carolina with Lucia. Both are sleek and feminine. Good luck!

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    Lucia Marie is very melodic.

    Hannah is more structured/serious.
    Aurora is very melodic and beautiful!
    Carolina is both melodic and structured.
    Hayden is very structured / trendy / masculine. I would choose Hannah.
    Jocelyn is melodic and structured. I think that people will have trouble spelling it.

    I think Aurora is the most beautiful combined with Lucia! Lucia means light and Aurora means dawn. It's a very subtle and uplifting theme.

    Some suggestions:

    Lucia Marie & Amelia Lee
    Lucia Marie & Anastasia Lee
    Lucia Marie & Charlotte Lee
    Lucia Marie & Maureen Lee
    Lucia Marie & Primrose Lee
    Lucia Marie & Violet Lee

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    I love Lucia! I would go with another Italian name ... like Bruna or Livia or Viviana.
    Mom to Julian and Oliver
    Favorites for girls: Halina, Beata, Persis, Iolanta, Dorota, Agata, Lucia, Victoria, Vesper
    Favorites for boys: Oliver, Reuben, Henry, Felix, Graham, Augustine

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