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Thread: basic 4 babys

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    basic 4 babys

    Baby #1 Girl
    First Name
    If you like winter over summer your babys name is Arwen
    If you like Summer over winter your babys name is Cora
    Middle Name
    If your best friend is a boy the middle name is Harper
    If you best friend is a girl the middle name is Maria

    Baby #2 & #3 Twins You have a boy and you can pick Girl or Boy for the other baby
    First name Girl: Genevive or Evangeline (your choice)
    Middle Name Girl: Emery Or Jordyn (your choice)
    First Name Boy: if you like pizza then his name is Dylan if you don't like pizza his name is Aiden
    Middle Name Boy: Leo or Miles (your choice)

    Baby #4 Your choice
    Girl: First name: Katniss (girl) Or Belle (girl)
    Girl: Middle name: Lucy Or Maci
    Boy: First Name William or Blair
    Boy: Middle Name Simon or Mason
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    Name Crushes
    Girls: Renesmee, Karley, Bryn, Ashlyn, River, Wren, Nicole, Zipporah, Jayne, Jacie , Tristan,
    Boys: Carlisle, Noah, River, Micah, Jordyn, Christian, Auggie, Griffin

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