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    I think it's okay to use the same letter for two of your kids, but, if you have a third, try a different letter!

    Molly and Margo are cute
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    I think it makes a beautiful sibset! And I agree with sarahmezz that if you have a third, try for a different first letter

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    Molly and Margo are adorable together.
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    Too close. People seem to really love pairing up Mary and Margaret names in a sibset, but you have to be careful, because they share some of the same nicknames. Molly is traditionally a nickname for Mary, but it's not unheard of for Margaret. I always bring up the famous Unsinkable Molly Brown when this subject comes up. She was actually a Margaret. Sharing the same intial is fine, but since Margot and Molly can both be used as nicknames for Margaret, it's just too close IMO.
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    I think they are great together! I don't consider then too close at all. I wouldn't even have thought twice about it.
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