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    Middle names for Violet?

    I really love the name Violet but don't know what middle name to pair with it. Suggestions? Also, do you think the name is getting too trendy/popular?

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    I'm not sure about its popularity, but I do worry it's becoming more popular. I'm keeping in the back of my mind as a possible middle name for one day.

    Anyway, here are some middle name suggestions!

    Violet Cecily
    Violet Matilda
    Violet Bryony
    Violet Cleo
    Violet Fiona
    Violet Georgina
    Violet Georgiana
    Violet Francesca
    Violet Sabrina
    Violet Theodora

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    Violet combos that I've liked-

    Violet Abigail
    Violet Eleanor
    Violet Mae
    Violet Maeve
    Violet Louise
    Violet Corinne
    Violet Celeste
    Violet Beatrice

    In the US it is getting more popular per the ssa records, but I have yet to meet a little Violet in real life. My daughter's name is similar popularity level and I don't feel it is too popular. Violet doesn't have a trendy feel to me.
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    I love Violet! For me, it's not too trendy/popular, and I certainly hope it doesn't go much higher, but I'm afraid it will.

    What about:

    Violet Ophelia
    Violet Cordelia
    Violet Carolina
    Violet Catherine
    Violet Emmeline
    Violet Tabitha
    Violet Serena
    Violet Coralie
    Violet Juliana
    Violet Imogen
    Violet Helena
    Violet Anneliese

    Personally, I love the dainty Violet Anneliese and the Shakespearean Violet Ophelia (my own combo is Violet Ophelia Claire!).

    Good luck!
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    I think Violet is on the way up, but it's a lovely name and not too popular for me at all. I know one Violet and one Violetta.

    Violet Adele
    Violet Ramona
    Violet Clarice
    Violet Quinn
    Violet Shea
    Violet Renata
    Violet Bettina

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