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    Uncommon vs Common

    I think we may have decided to call a girl Betty, but I'm thinking that I would prefer a more formal name for her. I've been through every possible option, most are too close to nieces' names or not DH's cup of tea. We have it narrowed down to Betony, which I'm really falling in love with. It seems to be generally unliked, maybe because it's unfamiliar. People usually offer the suggestion of Bethany, which is a fine name, but I just don't love it like I do Betony. Is Betony too odd or would it be too much of a hassle for her? MN will be Gwen.

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    When you choose an a usual word-name, I think you should have a story ready for your daughter as to why you picked it. Is there any reason you're drawn to the herb?
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    No reason I'm drawn specifically to Betony other than I can get Betty out of it and I have a weakness for nature-names and botany. Also my grandfather recently passed and his name was Anthony, so Betony combines two family names (Betty and Anthony). I have a daughter called Ruby already.

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    Betony sounds like Bethany with a cold (like you're pronouncing it with your nose plugged). It will be constantly mistaken.
    If you're prepared to deal with that and you love it, then go for it.

    You can get to Betty with other names, are there none others you like?
    Betsy/Betty by itself
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    I like most of those, but DH not so much. A few are very similar to names already used in the immediate family. I'll have to give Bethany some more thought. It's always seemed kind of bland to me, but I'm not sure why as I've never known one personally.

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