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    Create your family story!

    Hey Berries!

    I thought it would be fun for the creative people out there to make their own story up! How did you meet your DH, where did you get married, what are your kid's names, what kinds of pets etc...

    You have total creative freedom!
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Scarlett Elena Moore meets Julian Theo Gray in 20 in 2019. They meet one day on Gonzaga University's campus at a scuba diving class. They are partners and become close in the following months. They eventually start dating.

    On Christmas Eve 2022, Julian proposes to Scarlett. He takes her on a walk in the snowy park, and kneels down while snowflakes fall from the sky. Of course she says yes! The ring is a vintage emerald-cut, with a gold band.

    Scarlett immediately starts planning her dream wedding. Her wedding dress is lace with a sweetheart neckline. On June 30, 2024, the couple gets married in a garden surrounded by their closest friends and family members. They honeymoon on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    Julian gets a job as an architect, and Scarlett has a small interior design business.

    3 months after her wedding, Scarlett feels nauseous and sick. She puts it off thinking it is from the stress of moving in with Julian, but after another week of feeling sick, she goes to the doctor. Scarlett gets a shock when she finds out she is pregnant!

    On February 4, 2025, Rose Amelia Gray is born. She has brown hair and brown eyes like her mom.

    Three years later, Rose became the perfect little girl. She started ballet, and did well in her first day at pre-school. Scarlett is proud of her little girl, but realizes she is two weeks late. Worried, she takes a pregnancy test, and to her surprise, she is pregnant!

    On Julian & Scarlett's anniversery, their first little boy is born. Maxwell Jude looks just like his daddy with light brown hair and brown eyes.

    Two years later, Scarlett is busy at home with Max, who loves getting into trouble. Meanwhile, Rose is begging for a puppy. Scarlett and Julian eventually give in, and a little dachshund named Magnolia(or as Max says "Manola") is added to the growing family.

    Two more years later, Scarlett and Julian have decided to try for a baby. They are once again blessed, this time with twins! Rose couldn't be happier to have two real babies to play with.

    On October 1, 2034, they Gray family is introduced to their newest members-Archer Milo and Coralie Jane. Both surprisingly have blonde hair from Scarlett's dad, and green eyes from Julian's mom.

    Five years later, Scarlett and Julian have given in to so many pets, they don't remember them all. Rose got a pet bunny who she named Lulu, the family got another dauchshund named named Poppy, Archer and Cora went through too many beta fish to count(consisting of Oscar, Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster and Grover), and Max has a talking parrot named Carrot.

    The Family:
    Julian & Scarlett
    Archer & Coralie


    Magnolia & Poppy the dogs
    Lulu the bunny
    Carrot the parrot
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Hi! My name is Jessica Mary (née Klein). My mom, Wendy Amelia Klein (her maiden name was Rosenbloom), is all American, and was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. My father, James Robert Klein, is from Providence, RI. They found a house together and moved to Boone, NC. That's where I came along! I am the firstborn of 3. My other siblings are named Rachel Ann and Matthew John.

    I met my husband, Peter Dominic Glassberg, when I was 17, fresh out of high school. He was a neurosurgeon. His parents were both born and raised here. We dated until I was 19, and then one day, he took me on the beach and proposed to me. This was my wedding dress: and this is where we had the ceremony: . It wasn't a big wedding. We just had family and a few close friends. We still had an awesome time! We honeymooned to Tahiti for a week.

    Six months after we got married, I started feeling queasy. I went to the doctor thinking it was a stomach virus. After some tests, they found out I was pregnant! We were so happy, and we found out that we were having a boy!! I chose his first name and Peter chose his middle name. He came perfect at 37 weeks, and we named him Xander Nathaniel.

    When Xander was five months old, something tragic happened: Peter's brother, Nathan Charles, passed away. The whole family was devastated. His wife, Ethel Janette, started drinking and abusing her daughter after his death. After months of custody battles, Peter and I became the legal guardian of their sweet 2 year old daughter, Sophia Charity. She was very quiet and sweet, and loved Xander like if she was a little mommy to him.

    Two years passed. Sophia was 4, Xander was 2. I started feeling queasy...again. So I took a test and, BAM! I found out I was pregnant! Everyone was elated. It was a girl this time! We named her Alivia Wren. She was beautiful!!

    When Alivia was 2, Sophia was 6, and Xander was 4, Peter and I decided to extend our a slightly different way. We decided to adopt a dog! We chose a male golden retriever named Buster. He was a great family pet.

    After we got Buster, Peter and I both agreed that we needed to move to a bigger house. Here is the house we bought: . All of the kids loved it because they each got their own rooms! Here is Sophia's room: . Here is Xander’s room: . Here is Alivia’s Room: . And there was still plenty more space to grow a family!

    After we got settled in, I got all the signs of pregnancy again. Not to my surprise, I was expecting again! To my surprise, I had twins! We ended up having twin boys! Everyone was overjoyed that there were not one, but two new additions! We decided to name them Carter James and Christopher Ronan.

    A year passes after the twins were born. Peter and I decide we are well overdue for a family vacation. The whole family goes on a trip to France for 2 weeks! While in France, Alivia became friends with a little girl who was also 3, and soon the two were inseparable. I found out the little girl was being raised by her ailing grandfather. Peter and I decided to adopt her! Her name is Charlotte Adele.

    After we adopted Charlotte, Peter said he felt our family was complete and he was getting the snip. I was crushed, but felt blessed that we already had 6 kids and a dog.

    Life went on for the next three years. Around that time, I started gaining a lot of weight. I suddenly was hungry all the time and had severe morning sickness. I knew I couldn't be pregnant. Just for kicks, I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Peter revealed that he chickened out of the procedure. Nine months later, we welcomed a healthy baby boy! His name was Jacob Levi. The kids were shocked that there was another baby, but overjoyed at the same time!

    When Jacob was only 5 months old, a tragedy ripped apart our lives -- Peter had been killed in a boating accident. I was crushed and depressed. All of my kids were feeling it. I had to stay strong for them, but I was honestly dying on the inside. Everything had changed. The kids had to leave their fancy private school to go to a public school. I had to go back to work. With no college degree, there was barely anything I could do. So I took a job at Walmart bagging groceries. We also had to downsize out house to this: .

    A year after the tragedy, I met a very nice man named Robert Charles Elias. He was a divorcee who used to be married to a drug-addicted lady. Three years ago, he filed for divorce and took custody of his children. He has two kids: Mason Jack (11) and Rebecca Lauren (8). He is a firefighter chief and seems like a very nice guy. Six weeks later, we were officially dating.

    We dated for four years. One day, he took me out to eat at a very fancy restaurant and proposed to me! I couldn't say no! I was overwhelmed with joy. We married on the beach: http://barefootweddings.files.wordpr...arbor-blue.jpg and it was a huge affair. My daughters all pitched in designing my wedding dress: . It was a very wonderful occasion. We took the kids on our honeymoon with us on a Mediterranean cruise!

    After we came back from the honeymoon, I found out I was pregnant! Definitely a surprise, considering the amount of time it took for me to conceive my other natural children. It was a girl! We named her Jordyn Marina.

    After I married Rob, I was able to stay home with the kids again. Shortly after Jordyn was born, we bought a huge house together. This is the house: .

    Rob and I tried and tried for two years to conceive again, but it just wouldn't happen. We turned to fertility treatments, and were blessed with triplets! Two girls and a boy. We named them Liam Henry, Lola Teagan, and Lily Morag.

    The triplets thrived! It was amazing to see how fast they develop and communicate with each other in special ways.

    Only two years later, we had another unexpected surprise. I found out Sophia's boyfriend, Gregory Mark Schmidt, had proposed to her. And she said yes. Sophia was only 17, and just out of high school, but Rob and I let her go along with it, being that Gregory was a nurse supervisor making good money, and he would be able to support her.

    Sophia's wedding was amazing. It was bittersweet seeing the little girl who was once a shy two year old from an abusive house and became my first daughter turning into this beautiful young woman who was about to take the biggest step in her life. This was her dress: and this was where she got married: .

    Two years after Sophia's wedding, we both got pregnant at the same time! We both had girls. She named her baby girl Adalie Grace and I named mine Josie Danielle.

    After Josie was born, I knew our family was complete. I was very happy with my life.

    Annabel, Carlotta, Tamar, Jubilee, Lorelei, Lola, Josie, Alice, Indira, Claire, Liliosa, Vivienne, Ella, Abigail, Ivy

    Jameson, Samuel, Archer, Dominic, Barnaby, Paul, Henry, Oliver, Jadon, Isaac, Harrison, Lawson, Ezra, Rhys

    "The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman."
    (Stolen from @tabby)

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    My name is Catherine Jane Shannon (29) born and raised in Louisville, KY.

    My mother is an ob/gyn, her name is Elizabeth Marcela Shannon (64). My father's name is Lawrence Phillip Shannon (63), he runs a fertility clinic in our city.

    I'm one of 4 siblings. I have 2 older brothers and one little sister.

    My parents' firstborn Eric Cristopher Shannon (36) is a doctor too. He now lives with his wife Amanda Jaqueline Franklin (33) in Los Angeles, CA. Eric is a famous plastic surgeon in Hollywood. Amanda is an ex-reality star and the daughter of a famous rock star. Together they have one daughter Liv Mathilde Shannon (2).

    My second brother Richard Gregory Shannon (34) is married to my school BFF Lizzy Martha Shannon (29). They're both lawyers and have recently opened a law firm 'Shannon & Partners', here in Louisville.

    My little sister Agatha Margaret Shannon is 23 years old. She's been dating her school sweetheart Robert Mike Thompson for 7 years now. They're both attending University of Louisville, School of Medicine. Agatha wants is going to become an ob/gyn like our mother while Rob studies kinesiology.

    I'm a doctor too. I work in a local hospital as a gastroenterologist. Last year I started dating my old friend Simon Wren Spencer (37). We met when I traveled to England during my fourth year of University. Then he used to work as an endocrinologist. We became instant friends due to our a bit rough sense of humor. We kept in touch after I left England. Three years later he moved to US and opened the most modern research laboratories in 11 states. I've been helping him a lot and we became even closer. Last year he invited me to join him on a trip to Italy where he confessed his feelings. We started going out, he moved to Louisville a few months later and we've moved together.

    One year later

    Simon proposed on Christmas eve while we were on vacation in Canada. We set the date for April 19 next year. Just a few days after I turn 31.

    My engagement ring

    My wedding dress

    We buy a house in suburbs of Philadelphia, PA and move there two months later.

    We start trying for a baby right away and three months later we found out we're expecting. It turns out it's a little girl. We're over the moon. We start decorating the nursery.

    Our baby's born on March 11. Her name is Grace Vesta Spencer.

    Two months later my brother Rick and his wife Lizzy welcome their first child - a son named Liam Michael Shannon.
    Same month their dog Connie gives birth to 7 adorable puppies and we decided to adopt one.
    It's a female, her name is Jolie

    Almost two years later we welcome our second daughter. She's born on January 16.
    Arabella Holland Spencer

    Five years later
    My sister has finally got married to Rob and they have two adorable children a boy and a girl.
    Philippa Kate Thompson (3) & George Daniel Thompson (11 months)

    My older brother Eric divorced his wife Amanda. He's now a single father to their daughter Liv.

    We've been trying to convieve for the last four years but unfortunately we didn't suceed. After talking to my parents we decided to try IVF.
    Unfortunately the first time isn't successful. Five months later we decide to to transfer two embryos and this time everything's great. We are happy that we are will be having not one but two children. The third check up is a huge surprise for all of us. My father announces that we are actually expecting trioplets! The whole family is extremely happy and I move back to Louisville for the last months of pregnancy so my parents and siblings can help me with Grace and Bella. Two boys and a little girl are born 5 weeks early. Even though they are fine, we spend a week in the hospital and then we are ready to get back to my parents' house.

    Triplets are born on September 7.
    Hope Primrose Spencer, Nathaniel Victor Spencer & James Alexander Spencer

    In November my brother Eric (46) marries a famous model and actress Eve Montgomery (28).
    They welcome a daughter Isla Seraphine Shannon 7 months later.

    A month after Isla is born my sister Agatha gives birth to a baby boy - Theodore Marco Thompson

    Knowing that we had trouble getting pregnant we don't use any protection and we're overexcited when we found out we're expecting another baby.
    Our daughter Florence Temperance Spencer is a healthy baby born on July 7.

    The next year my second brother Rick and Lizzy welcome their second son Luke Joseph Shannon.

    Eric and his wife Eve have twin girls: Vivienne Josephine Shannon & Emmanuelle Zara Shannon
    A year later they welcome their last child: a boy Gabriel Clement Shannon

    Rick and Lizzie adopt a baby girl 1,5 years later. Prudence Eliza Shannon

    The Shannons
    Liz (81) & Larry (80) Shannon - Eric (53), Rick (51), Kate (46) & Agatha (40) Shannon
    Eric (53) Shannon & Eve (35) Montgomery - Liv (19), Isla (7), Vie (2), Ellie (2), Gabe 1 (1) Shannon
    Rick (51) & Lizzie (47) Shannon - Liam (15), Luke (3) & Prue (nb) Shannon
    Kate (46) & Simon (54) Spencer - Grace (15) Bella (13) Hope (7) Nate (7) Jamie (7) & Flo (4) Spencer
    Agatha (40) & Rob (40) Thompson - Pippa (11), George (10) & Theo (7) Thompson
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    My name is Gennifer Blaze Price. I was born to Tristan and Tatum Vega. I have one older sister, Gwynn. I grew up in Martinez, California until I went to college. I went to San Jose State University to study dance.

    Four years later I got a part as an extra in the show Chicago on Broadway in New York. There I met my husband, Nick Johnnie Price. We dated for two months, then got married. A year after, I had my first child. It was a boy! We named him Liam Johnathan Price. He was a fun child, and a great first experience. When he was four, we had our first daughter, Lillian Blake Price.

    When Liam was eight and Lilli was four, we moved to Milpitas, California. I became a kids' dance teacher. We had our second daughter, Louise Tatum Price a year after we moved.

    Today, Liam is twelve, Lilli is eight, and Louis is three. We have one dog, a dachshund and cocker spaniel mix named Marylin.
    A sixteen year old name addict.

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