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    Dec 2013
    New Zealand
    DW: Lucille Caroline
    DH: Nathaniel Joseph
    DD1: Natalie Elizabeth (39)
    DS1: Andrew Curtis (36)
    DS2: James Lucas (32)
    DD2: Abigail 'Abby' Cara (32)

    DD1: Natalie Elizabeth (39)
    DH: Alexander Henry (40)
    DD/DD/DD/DS: Zoey Arabella, Cathryn Olivia, Tenley Mei & Owen Cale (7)
    DS: Kaden Beck (5)
    DD: Naomi Paige (3)
    DD: Ryleigh Nicole (2)
    DD: Linnea Amelie (10 Months)

    DW: Zara Courtney (34)
    DS1: Andrew Curtis (36)
    DD: Caitlyn Elsie (5)
    DS: Noel Preston (4)
    DD: Skyler Averie (2)
    DS: Logan Bryce (10 Months)

    DW: Allison Faith (29)
    DS2: James Lucas (32)
    DD: Sadie Lauren (10)
    DS: Elijah Brady (8)
    DD/DD: Briar Payson & Alexis Harlee (7)
    DD: Cadence 'Cady' Makenna (5)
    DS: Dylan Levi (2)

    DD2: Abigail 'Abby' Cara (32)
    DH: David Christopher (35)
    DD: Ava Ruby (8)
    DD: Mia Harlow (7)
    DD: Tessa Hadley (5)
    DS/DS/DS/DS: Wyatt Greyson, Noah Caleb, Jude Royce & Coen Tyler (4)
    DD: Sophia Brooklyn (3)
    DD: Piper 'Pip' Emmalyn (1)
    TTC #1

    Elodie • Xanthe • Mira • Aurora • Roxana • Genevieve

    Stellan • Rory • Tristan • Sascha • Ciaran • Adrian

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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    W: (62) Caroline Vivienne
    H: (65) Vincent Scott
    -D1: (39) Elizabeth Wren
    -S1: (36) Andrew Justin
    -S2/D2: (32) Lucas James & Vanessa Holly


    -D1: (39) Elizabeth Wren
    --H: (42) Jason Lake
    ---S: (15) Finn Carsten
    ---D/D/D: (12) Arabella Nicole & Olivia Amelie & Maegan Linnea
    ---S: (4) Kaden Beck
    ---D/D/D: (2) Summer Ryleigh & Naomi Mei & Zoey Destiny


    -S1: (36) Andrew Justin
    --W: (39) Lainey Gianna
    ---D: (6) Lilly Skyler Kaycee
    ---S: (4) Hudson Tate
    ---D: (3) Elsie Kamryn Reese
    ---S: (10mo) Luke Brandon


    -S2: (32) Lucas James
    --W: (32) Briar Lauren
    ---D: (11) Harlee Alexis
    ---D: (7) Makenna Scarlet
    ---S/S/S: (5) Alexander Sam & Elijah Jack & Adam Mason
    ---S: (3mo) James Dylan


    -D2: (32) Vanessa Holly
    --H: (38) Tyler Royce
    ---S/S/D/D/D: (13) Caleb Trent & Noah Colby & Emmalyn Harlow & Alyssa Piper & Hadley Sophie
    ---S: (6) Carter Gavin
    ---D: (4) Tessa Kinley
    ---D: (3) Brooklyn Isabel
    ---D: (1) Ruby Leah


    Vince (65)
    Cally (62)

    Betty (39) + Jase (42)
    Drew (36) + Lainey (39)
    Lucas (32) + Briar (32)
    Nessa (32) + Ty (38)

    Finn (15)
    Caleb & Noah & Emma & Lyss & Hadley (12)
    Bella & Liv & Mae (12)
    Harlee (11)
    Kenni (7)
    Carter (6)
    Lilly (6)
    Lex & Elijah & Adam (5)
    Kade (4)
    Hudson (4)
    Tessa (4)
    Elsie (3)
    Brook (3)
    Summer & Naomi & Zo (2)
    Rue (1)
    Luke (10mo)
    Jem (3mo)
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Jul 2010
    Generation 1
    Mom/Grandma: Caroline Eve Swensen Porter
    Dad/Grandpa: Maxwell Asher Porter 'Max'
    Daughter 1- (39): Sloane Elisabeth Porter Johnson
    Son 1- (36): Alec Andrew Porter
    Son 2- (32): Dalton Troy Porter
    Daughter 2- (32: You): Blair Rebekah Porter Richards

    You are 32 now and your older sister (Sloane Elisabeth Porter Johnson) has 8 kids.

    If you have natural red hair she has 3 girls and and 3 boys

    Does she have any multiples?
    If you are wearing a black, white or any color of shirt she has quads. (Your choice of B/B/G/G, G/G/G/B or B/B/B/G quads. 1 set only)

    What are the names and ages?
    If she has quad the youngest is 10 months.

    Beck William Johnson- 7
    Summer Brooklyn Johnson, Naomi Katharine Johnson, Arabella Scarlett Johnson, and Olive Jillian Johnson- 4
    Finn Zachary Johnson- 10 months

    Your older brother is 36. His name is (Alec Andrew Porter). His wife is a famous model and actress. Their kids are quite adorable. The oldest is 6 and the youngest is 7 months.

    (Alec) has 4 kids with (Calista Grace Hampton Porter). They have 2 boys and 2 girls.

    What are the kids' names and ages?
    Delaney Jade Porter 'Lainey'- 6
    Tate Harrison Porter- 5
    Elsa Amelia Porter 'Elsie'- 3
    Cohen Benedict Porter- 7 months

    You also have a twin brother. Named (Dalton Troy Porter). Your brother has children with his actress of a wife. At 32, he already has 6 kids!

    If you have non-painted nails half or more of the kids are boys.

    Do they have twins or triplets?
    If you like dogs more than cats they have triplets. (Genders of your choice)

    Easton Garrett Porter- 8
    Levi Hudson Porter, Jack Oliver Porter, Miles Phillip Porter, and Brady Elliott Porter- 3
    Genevieve Isabelle Porter 'Eve'- 3 months

    You, at age 32, have 9 kids with your country singer husband named (Taylor Carson Richards). You have always wanted to have multiples and you are blessed with quints 2 years after you are get married.

    If you are 18 or under: 6 girls and 3 boys

    Kinsey Sophia Richards- 8
    Gus Colby Richards- 6
    Emmett Scout Richards- 5
    Ian Lucas Richards- 3
    Harlow Miranda Richards, Piper Natalie Richards, Isla Monica Richards, Rowan Melanie Richards, and Tess Nicola Richards- 3 months
    "I feel like a little bit, like, I’m the Braveheart of creativity.”
    ~ Kanye West


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    Jul 2013
    London, England
    Generation 1
    DW: Katherine Lucille Vanderbilt (Grandma)
    DH: John Daniel Vanderbilt (Grandpa)

    DD1: Elizabeth Johanna Vanderbilt (39) "Lizzy"
    DS1: Andrew Kale Vanderbilt (36)
    DS2: James Michael Vanderbilt (32)
    DD2: Cara Simone Vanderbilt (32)


    You are 32 now and your older sister, Lizzy, has 8 kids.

    DW: Elizabeth Johanna (39) (née Vanderbilt)
    -DH: Edmund Clark Rockefeller (43)
    --DS: Owen Carsten Rockefeller (16)
    --DD: Summer Olivia Rockefeller (13)
    --DD: Maegan Paige Rockefeller (10)
    --DS: Austin Cale Rockefeller (8)
    --DD/DD/DD/DS: Tenley Arabella Rockefeller, Ryleigh Cathryn Rockefeller, Carly Nicole Rockefeller & Hunter Beck Rockefeller (10 mo)

    Your older brother is 36. His name is Andrew. His wife is a famous model and actress. Their kids are quite adorable. The oldest is 6 and the youngest is 7 months.

    DH: Andrew Kale Vanderbilt (36)
    -DW: Kristina Reese Vanderbilt (32) (née Beckett)
    --DS: Parker Tate Vanderbilt (6)
    --DS: Hudson Noel Vanderbilt (5)
    --DD: Kamryn Gianna Vanderbilt (2)
    --DD: Lilly Caitlyn Vanderbilt (7 mo)

    You also have a twin brother. Named James. Your brother has children with is actress of a wife. At 32, he already has 6 kids!

    DH: James Michael Vanderbilt (32)
    -DW: Emma Helene Vanderbilt (33) (née Lavoie)
    --DD: Regan Scarlet Vanderbilt (9)
    --DS: Levi James Vanderbilt (5)
    --DS: Gage Elijah Vanderbilt (4)
    --DD: Sadie Alexis Vanderbilt (2)
    --DS/DS: Jack Easton Vanderbilt & Miles Brady Vanderbilt (nb)

    You, at age 32, have 9 kids with your country singer husband named Thomas. You have always wanted to have multiples and you are blessed with quints 2 years after you are get married.

    DW: Cara Simone Michaelson (32) (née Vanderbilt)
    -DH: Thomas Everett Michaelson (36)
    --DS/DD/DD/DS/DD: Jude Greyson Michaelson, Piper Michaelson, Greer Isabel Michaelson, Coen Wyatt Michaelson & Harlow Alyssa Gabriella Michaelson (9)
    --DS: Gus Noah Michaelson (5)
    --DD: Ruby Sophia Michaelson (3)
    --DD: Ava Emmalyn Michaelson (2)
    --DD: Presley Makai Michaelson (nb)
    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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    Jul 2014
    Generation 1
    Mom/Grandma: Charlotte Evelyn Byatt
    Dad/Grandpa: Jack Nathaniel Byatt

    Daughter 1- (39): Chelsie Vienna Lawrence (Byatt)
    -DH: Oscar Jude Lawrence
    --DD/DD/DD/DS: Arabella Nicole Lawrence/Destiny Olivia Lawrence/Nevaeh Mei Lawrence/Hunter Finn Lawrence (11)
    --DD: Summer Amelie Lawrence (7)
    --DS: Austin Kole Lawrence (4)
    --DD: Paige Linnea Lawrence (2)
    --DD: Tenley Naomi Lawrence (10 months)

    Son 1- (36): Ross Justin Byatt
    -DW: Makaela Renee Wills Byatt
    --DD: Kasidy Reese Byatt (6)
    --DS: Hudson Noel Byatt (3)
    --DS: Parker Collin Byatt (2)
    --DD: Mackenlie Gianna Caitlyn Byatt (7 months)

    Son 2- (32): Dalton Isaiah Byatt
    -DW: Bev Savannah George Byatt
    --DD: Aaliyah Jordyn Byatt
    --DD: Kennydi Harlee Byatt
    --DS/DD: Dylan Levi Byatt/Scarlet Lauren Byatt
    --DD: Makenna Gaevyn Byatt
    --DD: Khloe Payson Byatt

    Daughter 2- (32: You): Holly Savannah Oscar
    -DH: Tate Lewis Oscar
    --DD/DD/DS/DD/DS: Avalyn Mia Oscar/Briley Isla Oscar/Carter Noah Oscar/Presley Ava Oscar/Greyson Gus Oscar (9)
    --DD: Hadley Emmalyn Oscar (6)
    --DS: Bentley Keegan Oscar (4)
    --DD: Gabriella Brookyln Isabel Oscar (2)
    --DD: Tessa Sophia Oscar (3 months)

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