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    What ever happened to the name Phyllis?

    I had an auntie named Phyllis and I grew up with a girl of Greek origin named Phyllis, but I can't remember the last time I heard it. It seems to have disappeared.

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    It's funny you posted this, because I've just been thinking about Phyllis. I know a middle-aged Phyllis in real life. Other than her, I don't know any. There is a character named Phyllis on the Mary Tyler Moore show that is often called Phil (a TERRIBLE nn for a girl IMO.) Anyway, I've been wondering if Phyllis might start popping up around Nameberry with the likes of Iris, Carys, and Amaryllis being so popular on here - and also with the resurgence of vintage favorites.

    I find Phyllis an intriguing name, but not at all feminine or something I would consider using for my own daughter. But she sure is interesting, none the less!
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    Maybe another oldie due for a comeback? The only Phyllis I know is my aunt's mother who's in her 80s. Personally, I don't think it's got the same cute factor as some other vintage names.
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    I've been thinking about Phyllis also, as you can tell by my signature A dear, elderly church friend with this name passed away suddenly a few months ago, and the idea crossed my mind that I might like to use Phyllis as a middle name someday to honor her. I see Phyllis as one of the grandma names, in the same group as Ethel, Edna, Lillian, Hazel and Dorothy, some of which are coming back already and some of which are not. Phyllis has a lovely nature meaning ("green bough"), history, and literary cred behind her.

    I think my biggest problem with Phyllis is its aesthetics--the spelling looks clunky and unattractive, and there's no good way to improve it, even if I was all for changing original spellings. I find the sound quite pleasant. While it's similar to male names Philip and Willis, it's also not that far from the very feminine Alice.

    Who knows? I could actually see Phyllis coming back, and personally, I'd welcome her.
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    Thankfully, she retired to the retirement community. Hopefully, she never returns.....

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