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    Susannah Magnolia WDYT

    What do you think of the combination Susannah Magnolia? Do you think it's inspired or do you think it's bad? I'm loving the name Susannah (and it's one of DH's very few favourites), but struggling to think of good middle names that don't sound like fillers (Susannah Jane, Susannah Mae, etc). Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks.
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    I think Susannah Magnolia is an absolutely lovely combo.

    I love Magnolia as a fn's so pretty!
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    I think it's very pretty. It reminds me of the old south. I like a three syllable middle name with Susannah. May I suggest Susannah Augusta, or Susannah Allegra.

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    Susannah magnolia is perfect!
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    Pretty names but bad flow. You can do another three syllable name ending in -a with Susannah, but it should have the stress on a different syllable, not the second like Susannah does.

    However, I think you'd be best with either a three syllable name that doesn end in -a, or a different number of syllables.


    Susannah Jessamine
    Susannah Corinne
    Susannah Vesper
    Susannah Lake
    Susannah Lane
    Susannah Beatrice
    Susannah Vivian
    Susannah Rue
    Susannah Lucille
    Susannah Magdalene
    Susannah Josephine
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