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    I'd use a name that works in both cultures and isn't just really bizarre on a Caucasian girl. Xochitl? No.

    I have a niece named Ana. She is a white kid; my brother and ex-SIL just liked the name. I think Ana is a great example of a name that is not unheard of on Caucasian kids but also usable in Spanish-speaking cultures. Although, when she was a baby, I made up a song for her called "White Baby With a Mexican Name," and I would sing it to her and she loved it. To this day it's her theme song. She's three but if I sing it she gets super happy.

    Anyway I like Elena, Gabriela, Valentina and Paloma. I also humbly suggest Ana. It's so simple and beautiful. I also like Esperanza. It's pretty strongly Spanish but the nn Espy is so cute.

    Some others for your consideration:

    Dolores - probably unfashionable, well, everywhere, but this is one of my favorite names. It's vintage and lovely.
    Pilar - just gorgeous

    I love Spanish names! So feminine and robust. Dolores and Pilar are def my favorite ones.

    Good luck!
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    I've got to say, I'm glad you guys have my back on Xochitl! I do like the sound but it would just be a nightmare anywhere but Mexico. I could roll with it in the middle though. I guess I'd have to see how attached hubby is!

    Keep the suggestions coming! I am especially thankful to anyone who knows if the names are "dated" in Mexico or not. It's not necessarily something my husband paid a lot of attention to, ha!

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    Here's a good indicator of current popularity:

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    I knew a white girl with some far-off Mexican heritage named Xela ("CHAY-lah") ..I believe she spelled it with an X. Anyway, I always thought it was a pretty name, a bit spicy but also simple. Xochitl makes me think of chilies and hot chocolate, but it's over-the-top unless used in the middle place. Paloma is gorgeous, and I think Jacinta is quite lovely and wearable too.


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    I kind of like Alejandra.

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