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    A wonderful moment for a name-nerd

    i just felt the need to share this: i was just sitting watching tv with DH and he turned to me and said "wouldn't it be nice to have another little girl called Coralie Susannah"! It was one of those angels singing moments! They are two of my favourites, as you can see from my signature, but i hadn't put them together and i really didn't think that he'd taken in any of my name wittering. I was so surprised that i just mumbled "yes. Yes it would". I'm not pregnant yet but we'll be ttc in the summer. I'd love a little Coralie Susannah as both names are meaningful to us- wdyt?
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    Coralie Susannah is beautiful! Your husband has great taste.
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    That is just beautiful, lucky you to have such an awesome hubbie! Coralie Susannah is lovely, I really like it!
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    I agree the previous posters. Coralie Susannah is just simple goodness :-)
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    Coralie Susannah is adorable!
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