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    Exclamation Middle names for Zoey?

    I'm really having trouble finding middle names I like with Zoey. Please help!

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    Since Zoey means "life," I have always liked it paired with the middle name Hope. Life and hope really go hand in hand, when you think about it. When I was dying following a bad car accident, the words "life" and "hope" meant more to my family than ever before. And really, if you ever study suicide you'll find that hope is what keeps people alive, so hope and life are closely linked and I think it makes for a beautiful, meaningful name combo. I also like Zoey Hope together simply because of the repeating O sound, which just seems to flow nicely.
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    I've always liked the idea and sound of Zoe Alexandra. I also think Zoe Theresa (the inversion of my name) sounds nice but I could be biased
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