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  • Niamh Marguerite

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  • Gizelle Faustina

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  • Francine Anastazia

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  • Consuela Seraphina

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    Poll: An Exquisite Name & Pronouncing Niamh

    I want my daughter to have an exquisite name. Growing up with such a plain name "Fay", I want her to Not get Lost in the Crowd. Do you think if we go with Niamh (pronounced NEVE) she will have to many problems with school, friends, etc. pronouncing it? I really appreciate your insight.

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    I think it depends on where you live. In the US, Niamh is not a common name and so I think most people would try to pronounce it as you would with English phonetics. So I do think there would be pronunciation issues, but it just depends on how important that is to you.
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    Nice choice! I think Niamh is one of the more popular Irish names so stands a reasonable chance of being pronounced correctly. Having said that my husband has Sean mispronounced surprisingly regularly given the fame of Sean Connery. People do learn how to say these names pretty fast, spelling them is another matter and my mother often substituted Elizabeth for Eilish at Starbucks etc. Eminently usable in my book.

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    I do think in the US you would run into A LOT of problems with people mispronouncing Niamh. It may be one of the more popular Irish names, but it's still far from popular here. I highly doubt the average person (who would not be into names!) would pronounce it correctly.

    Of your names, I like Francine Anastazia the best, though I highly prefer Anastazia with the normal second S, not the Z..

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    Giselle Faustina is really beautiful, but you HAVE to spell Giselle with an S. The perennial problem with Giselle is the first syllable sounding like jizz, and the Z reinforces that. Frankly it looks a little downmarket. Faustina is really special.

    Francine Anastasia is pretty, but again I would get rid of the Z.

    Consuela Seraphina is way too long, and too many As.

    I think all of these options are so, so much better than Niamh. No problems pronouncing, spelling or appreciating any of them.
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