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    Ha, that's a great story! I love the name Beatrice. It'd be at the top of my list if a cousin hadn't already used it. I think Beatrice Emerald goes really well together, actually!
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    Beautiful. I love Beatrice, it's a beautiful name, and Beatrice Portinari is not only featured in Dante's Inferno, but in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's beautiful painting Beata Beatrix, as well as many other gorgeous paintings. I'd love to use this name myself, but I think it's better suited for you! Beatrice Emerald, simply stunning!
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    But Elizabeth "Betty" is so cute

    I like Eve, although I prefer the longer forms such as Evelyn or even Eva, and Miranda. I like January but I agree that it's very OTT with Emerald, and almost too "word-y".
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    I still love Elizabeth too. I was so set on it.

    I wish I could explain my mom's reaction to it. She is very easy going and jokey. She'll joke about names being weird but she doesn't really care what name I use.

    Her reaction to Elizabeth, and particularly Betty, though, was uncharacteristically serious. It was the one name she picked out of the blue, not knowing I was set on it. She recovered quickly and said, "Oh honey, use whatever you want, it's your imaginary baby." But I got the profound impression that she reeeeally hates that name and I think it's connected to her birth parents and stuff I don't know about.

    She would never say one more negative thing if I decided to use it. But it has cast a pall over Elizabeth. I just don't know if I could ever use it now.

    Ottilie & Sarahmezz, hurray! I'm so glad you love it!

    Would it work with sibling Josiah Walker? I am not the type who needs sibling names to coordinate super well. But total clashitude is also nms.
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    Beatrice is really lovely. It has the same classic feel as Elizabeth, but you can also dress it down, if you know what I mean. It's a great name. I hope you use it. I guess you should probably stay away from Betty, but I love the nicknames Bea, Beata, Bunny, Bix and Bixie.
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