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    YM&O / Generations CAF

    SURNAMES: Aldridge, Alexander, Benson, Burke, Cole, Cabot, Harrington, Hill, Ivers, Jablonski, Jordan, Karpati, Kelley, Lee, Leitner, Lohman, Mendel, Mercer, Mueller, Nelson, Rodriguez, Russell, Talbot, Tamboia, Trask, Upton, Van Zuuk, Virag, Wilkes

    DH: FN: From here MN: From here (55)
    DW: FN: Ends in A MN: Begins with F (49)
    DWD1: FN: Irish MN: From "Today's Most Popular Names" (29)
    DHD: FN: From here MN: From here (28)
    DWD2: FN: Unisex MN: French (27)
    DD1: FN: A name with multiple nickname possibilities MN: From here (19)
    DD2: FN: From here MN: From here (17)

    DWD1: (29)
    DW: FN: Alicia, Allison, Amanda, Amber, Ashley, Brittany, Jamie, Kristen, Lindsay, Melissa, Nicole MN: Ann, Claire, Ellen, Fay, Joy, Kate, Louise, Marie, Ruth, Sue (31)
    DS OR DD: FN: "Unusual Name of the Day" MN: Your choice (EXP)

    DHD: (28)
    DH: FN: Aaron, Brandon, Jason, Jonathan, Jose, Scott, Sean, Travis, Tyler, Zachary MN: Anthony, David, George, John, Joseph, Oscar, Paul, Robert, Thomas, Xavier (28)
    DS: FN: From here MN: From here (2)
    DD: FN: From here MN: From the list at the end of this post (8 mos.)

    DWD2: (27)
    DH: FN and MN: Adam, Andrew, Benjamin, Christopher, Daniel, Jacob, James, Luke, Mark, Martin, Matthew, Michael, Nathan, Nicholas, Patrick, Peter, Philip, Raymond, Simon, Stephen (33)
    DS: FN and MN: From here (1)
    DS/DD: Both FNs: From here Both MNs: From here (EXP)
    stephanie rae
    american . 80's baby . infj . gryffinclaw
    fur mama to theodosia purr *theo*

    faves are always in flux. a taste of what appeals:

    lucy . ruby . alice . indiana . vega . ophelia . rowan . shiloh . beatrix . willow . amelia . georgia . calliope . tenebrae . bellamy . november . lux
    landon . fawkes . atticus . ezra . moses . tennyson . jasper . felix . archer . sebastian . zion . tycho . jonah . titus . gideon . draper . hurley

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    Surname: Leitner
    DH (55): Seth Nathaniel Leitner
    DW (49): Lisa Francesca Leitner {Mercer}
    DWD1 (29): Bridget Magdalen Mercer
    DHD (28): Alexa Noelle Leitner
    DWD2 (27): Mackenzie Michelle Leitner
    DD1 (19): Katherine Selah Leitner "Katie"
    DD2 (17): Magnolia Elle Leitner "Maggie"

    DWD1 (29): Bridget Magdalen Mercer
    DW (31): Allison Joy Nelson "Allie"
    DS (exp): Seal Joseph Mercer-Nelson

    DHD (28): Alexa Noelle Benson {Leitner}
    DH (28): Tyler John Benson
    DH (2): Cohen Daniel Benson
    DD (8m): Damaris Adelaide Benson

    DWD2 (27): Mackenzie Michelle Cole {Leitner}
    DH (33): Nathan Peter Cole
    DS (1): Carter Andrew Cole
    DS/DD (exp): Matilda Hope Cole & Josiah Continent Cole

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    DH’s Surname: Aldridge
    DW’s Surname: Cabot

    DH: Gideon Theo Aldridge (55)
    DW: Clara Felicity Cabot (49)
    DwD1: Maeve Isla Cabot (29)
    DhD: Alexa Holly Aldridge (28)
    DwD2: Scout Marie Cabot (27)
    DD1: Beatrice Aria Aldridge-CabotBea” (19)
    DD2: Magnolia Jolie Aldridge-CabotNola” (17)

    DwD1: Maeve Isla Cabot (29)
    DW: Nicole Claire Wilkes (31)
    DS: Seal Franklin (exp)

    DhD: Alexa Holly Aldridge
    DH: Scott Joseph Mercer (28)
    DS: Finley Abel Mercer (2)
    DD: Annia Violet Mercer (8 mos.)

    DwD2: Scout Marie Cabot (27)
    DH: Andrew James Trask “Andy” (33)
    DS: Henry Carter Trask-Cabot (1)
    DS/DD: Atticus Mark & Eliza Felicity Trask-Cabot (Exp)

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    DH (55): Ephraim Christian Cole
    DW (49): Hanna Felicity Lohman-Cole
    -DWD1 (29): Erin Therese Aldridge
    -DHD (28): Alexis Noelle Cole
    -DWD2 (27): Blake Juliette Aldridge
    -DD1 (19): Catherine Lark Lohman-Cole "Cate"
    -DD2 (17): Seraphina Victoire Lohman-Cole "Saffy"

    DWD1 (29): Erin Therese Aldridge-Karpati
    -DW (31): Allison Claire Aldridge-Karpati
    --DS OR DD (exp): Milan Jacoby or Annora Frances

    DHD (28): Alexis Noelle Talbot (MN: Talbot)
    -DH (28): Sean Robert Talbot
    --DS (2): Callan Andreas
    --DD (8mo): Gaia Bellamy

    DWD2 (27): Blake Juliette Aldridge
    -DH (33): Nathan Luke Ivers "Nate"
    --DS (1): Lincoln Henry
    --DS/DD (exp): Jasper Dust / Clarissa Lament
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    DH: Seth Nicholas Mercer (55)
    DW: Laura Faith {Kelley} Mercer (49)
    DWD1: Colleen Audrey Kelley (29)
    DHD: Alessia Noelle Mercer (28)
    DWD2: Taylor Juliette Kelley (27)
    DD1: Gabriella Harmony Mercer *Gaby* (19)
    DD2: Beatrix Roux Mercer (17)

    DWD1: Colleen Audrey Kelley (29)
    DW: Allison Joy Lohman (31)
    DS OR DD: Seal Thorin Lohman-Kelley (EXP)

    DHD: Alessia Noelle {Mercer} Burke (28)
    DH: Travis Paul Burke (28)
    DS: Finley Josiah Burke (2)
    DD: Arria Vega Burke (8 mos.)

    DWD2: Taylor Juliette {Kelley} Cabot (27)
    DH: Michael Adam Cabot (33)
    DS: Grant McKinley Cabot (1)
    DS/DD: Tobias Ashes Cabot *Toby* / Cora Felicity Cabot (EXP)
    "I love first times. I want my entire life to be composed of them."
    -Lucien Carr, Kill Your Darlings

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