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    Jan 2012
    DD#1: Sophie Madeline
    DD#2: Leah Charlotte
    DD#3: Maya Lilly
    DD#4: Ruby Jane
    DD#4: Penelope Hazel 'Penny'
    DD#5: Fiona Pearl
    DD#6: Lila Josephine
    DD#7: Georgia Belle
    DD#8: Mirabelle Fleur
    DD#9: Audrey Sylvia
    DD#10: Ariana Claire

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    May 2012

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    Great Lakes
    ** The opinions expressed above are not meant to be reflective of Nameberry as a whole but are my opinion and mine alone. **

    Mommy to:
    Henry Nathaniel (3) and Julia Paige (1)

    Current favorites:
    Bennett - Emmett - Felix - Oliver - Owen - Preston - Samuel
    Abigail - Claire - Clara - Hope - Lydia - Maude - Molly

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    Aug 2011
    DD#1: Anna Ingrid
    DD#2: Linnea Grace
    DD#3: Aurora Lily
    DD#4: Jane Elsa
    DD#4: Isabella Vivienne
    DD#5: Pearl Violet
    DD#6: Anastasia Tess
    DD#7: Georgia Mabel
    DD#8: Adele Clementine
    DD#9: Lydia Audrey
    DD#10: Delia Elise
    Anastasia, Tessa, Marina, Stella
    Connor, Rhett, Corbin, Grayson

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    Name obsessed. Simple as that.

    Favorite combos for girls RIGHT NOW

    Phoebe Silvia Margareta <3
    Vivienne Maria Celeste
    Lydia Elisabeth Jane
    Ava Paloma Rose
    Ruby Athena Mae

    Favorite combos for boys RIGHT NOW

    James Henry August <3
    Alexander Mio Nicodemus
    David Lars Maximilian
    Arthur Axel Fredrik
    William Henrik Lewis

    Guilty Pleasures
    Alaska Ruth. Novak James. Clementina Rose. Jagger Isaiah. Persephone Grace. Scout Kennedy.

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