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    Sonny- does it sound strange with our surname?

    I absolutely adore the name Sonny for our baby boy, however I am afraid it sounds weird with a surname which is Sayle.
    Am i thinking it over too much and paranoid or do you think it sounds ok?

    Thanks! :-)(

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    It sounds odd, but I don't think it should be used for any baby, no matter his surname. It's a generic, old-timey nickname for a boy and should only be prefaced with "back in my day..."

    Anything ending in -son would be an awesome way to get the cute nn Sonny, but to give it as a stand-alone name is cruel.

    ..many many more

    all sound fantastic with Sayle.
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    I think it sounds odd as it sounds like Sunny Sale, as in the sale today was sunny. I don't think it's cruel to name a son Sonny or a complete deal breaker than it sounds odd, but I would suggest using it as a nickname for something else that contains Son or Sun.

    I could give you plenty of suggestions if you want them.
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    Sonny Bono, whose given name was Salvatore, managed to reinvent himself from a B-list singer/variety show host into a Congressman. I'm not sure, however, that anyone could count on pulling that off. It's probably best to give your son a name he could use as an adult. Sonny Sayle would probably work as a nickname for an extroverted child in elementary school.

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    I think it sounds strange... like Sunny Sale or Sunny Sail. I also don't think Sonny is great as a stand-alone name, it's a nickname only imo.
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