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    Ezekiel nn Zeke and WIlliam nn Will are fantastic!

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    Thanks, of the above I like Tobias Toby but can't use it as I want individual intitials and Theo is a T already.
    I also like William Liam not Will but DH doesn't.
    All other names veto'd or used by family (the issue of large close families!!!)

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    Oh man. I'm swooning over here. All of your sons names are names I've heavily considered for my son and future sons. Some suggestions for brothers of Theodore, Nathaniel, and Finnian.

    Abram (Bram)
    Beckett (Beck)
    Graham (Gray)
    Miles (Milo)
    Peter (Pete)

    If you'd be open to a non-4 letter nn or a name that's already 4 letters or doesn't really have a nn, then maybe:
    Bennett (Ben)
    Samuel (Sam)
    Current loves: Theodore & Rosalind

    Mommy to Arabella and Jude

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    Hmm, this is a toughie. You might have to consider nicknames that aren't four-lettered.

    Evander - Evan
    Jacob - Jake (Tobias & Jacob/Toby & Jake sounds great)
    Elijah/Elliott/Ellington - Eli
    Archibald - Archie
    Christian - Chris
    Lysander - Andy
    Whitman/Whittaker - Whit
    Campbell/Cameron - Cam
    Alistair - Ali
    Malcolm - Colm
    Cormac - Mack
    Harrison - Hayes/Harry
    Raphael - Ralph
    Jedidiah - Jedd
    Maximilian - Max
    Callahan - Cal
    Wilder - Wild
    Gulliver - Levi (?)
    Forrester - Ford

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