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    Question SylvieDay De Jesus is the name (combination of Sylvia and Deifilia) Grandma's names

    Does the last name sound ok with the first name? I am a little worried about the Day De? Or am I worried for nothing?
    Her Middle name is Maria ( my name)
    So it's SylvieDay Maria De Jesus.

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    I don't think it goes at all, sorry. The Day and the De is really hard to say. I get that you're trying to combine your/her grandmothers names but I think there's a better way of doing it.

    Sylvia-Daisy de Jesus (nn Sylvie-Day) etc.

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    I agree that it is difficult to say. Have you considered combining the names into one?

    Sylfilia or Devia, for example.
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    I think Sylvia Deifilia makes a pretty name on it's own. I'm not a fan of made up name "smooshes"

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    Sylvia Deifilia Maria de Jesus sounds amazingly gorgeous. You could even hyphenate it to be Sylvia-Deifilia Maria de Jesus. Both are lovely. Sylvie-Day would be a sweet nickname, but as a full name it doesn't look nice.
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