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    I love it! I don't typically like combos where one name ends in the next's starting sound, but with this one when I say it I sort of soften the start of Elijah (still a long E, though) so that it's not choppy and doesn't run together as much.
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    I think I prefer Henry Leopold missing the Elijah. Leopold Henry is handsome too :-)
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    Henry Elijah Leopold would make a very handsome choice. I like it a lot. Not really seeing the issue with Henry and Elijah together. I say Henry with a long "e" and Elijah with a short "e," so maybe that's why?

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    I still really love Henry and Elijah. I used to love this combination, but I'm starting to not love Leopold anymore.
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    I love it! I also don't have an issue with Henry going into Elijah.
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