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Thread: January?

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    I was perfectly shocked when my husband, who likes names like Elizabeth and Isabella, told me he likes January.

    Lets be honest, I will probably still stick with Elizabeth Emerald. But in daydreaming about January for a little girl, I realized I could come up with hardly any middles that work. Actress January Jones's middle name is Kristen, which is also my name. Is it a sign? ;-)

    Anyway, what middle names work with January? And what do you think of the name?
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    I love January! I don't think I'd be brave enough to use it myself, but it has such a sweet and melodic flow to it!

    I think a shorter middle name that starts with a consonant would work best. What do you think of:
    January Clare
    January Kate
    January Tess
    January Lane

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    The only ones I've come up with that I think really hit the spot are:

    January Alice
    January Hazel

    I love the nn Janny.

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    I LOVE January and think it's perfectly usable. January is more my style than Elizabeth (I'm not bad-mouthing Elizabeth. The classics just can't be beat.) and I'd use it in a heartbeat! In my opinion, anything could go in the middle. Some a little more crazy or something short, sweet, and classic.
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    Thanks, eleminty. I love your style. Good luck TTC!

    Came up with a few more combos:

    January Emerald
    January Liv
    January Lux
    January Fable
    January Violet

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