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    Any suggestions for baby girl due to go with sibling names? Back to ground ZERO!!!!!!

    Baby #3 a girl....I have Nicholas John (didn't pick it, he's the 3rd but do love the name) and Elliana Seraphina (goes by Ellie). I have a tendency to love frilly, girlie, princessy names. I would like to try to use Caroline or Victoria as a middle as they are family names. Here are a list of names we've tried out but are not using. Our last name is Italian and my husbands family is from Italy so I do like those names too.

    Arabella (we live in Florida, Isabella is #1 and there are Bella's EVERYWHERE).
    Viviana/Vivia (love it but it doesn't seem to fit and want to try to avoid an -ana ending)
    Lillia (Lilly very popular here)
    Valentina (husband hates it)
    Mariella (like but don't love)
    Aurelia (can't get into any of the nicknames)
    Violetta my husband said too down south old lady

    My favorite name of all time is Sophia and my husband said we can use it but for the record he hates it um okay
    Ava I love but I don't know if I can get into it due to it's popularity and lack of knowing any over the age of 5
    Estella too close to Elliana/Ellie?
    Gianna love it but my husband says "too Jersey Shore Italian"
    Anyone have any good suggestions to go with Ellie and Nicholas. I do like Caroline as a first but I'm not crazy over ANY nickname for it and it just seems to lack the frill factor to fit in next to Elliana. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you want to stay with Italian names...


    All of these can have cute nicknames that go well with Ellie, I think.

    Audrey * Margot * Josephine * Elizabeth * Katherine * Madeleine * Natasha * Amy

    Alexander * Julian * Gabriel * Adrian * Laurence * Henry * Damian * Benjamin

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    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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    Estella is my fav from your list. Love suggestion of Francesca.

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